Business Planning

We are Springfield Missouri business attorneys.  We help with asset protection and risk management through business planning.  As corporate lawyers, we can help you set up and maintain a proper corporate structure.

Incorporation of a Business

Incorporation of a business is important to help protect your personal assets when you own a business. Incorporation can sometimes help with deductibility of some expenses under the tax code. Incorporation of a business is best done with the advice of an attorney and with a look to coordinating your business plan with incorporation of the business as one part. We encourage you to discuss with us whether incorporation fits your business needs.

Limited Liability Company Formation

Missouri law recognized the formation of Limited Liability Companies. Also known as L.L.C.s. Limited Liability Companies have many of the advantages of a partnership, with its ease of recordkeeping, less intrusive filings, and easy power to amend corporate structure, all while providing good liability protection for the business. Limited Liability Companies should be part of an overall business plan and we at O’Reilly & Preston, LLC encourage you to discuss with us how a Limited Liability Company may fit in your business plans.

Liability and Risk Management

In today’s environment, risk management is essential to business planning. Regardless of the type of business you own, there is always the potential for exposure to a lawsuit. Obviously, working with your insurer is the first step, but there are many legal steps you can take to help manage risk in addition to insurance. Every business should have certain basic risk management plans in place, and we at O’Reilly & Preston, LLC encourage you to meet with us to discuss liability and risk management as a part of your broader business plan.

Buy/Sell Agreements

Every person who owns a business, regardless of whether you have one or one hundred employees should be proud of that business. Buy/sell agreements can be an effective way to pass your business on to those members of your family or others such as partners or current employees. Buy/sell agreements are and integral part of both business planning and estate planning. At O’Reilly & Preston, LLC, we encourage you to discuss with us your business succession needs.